Excercise in Transformation

Galerie de la Reine 28 Koninginnegalerij 1000 Brussels
14/06 - 23/06 2013
Transmedia graduation exhibition

We are a multi-disciplinary international group of artists who have met at Transmedia, LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. From backgrounds as diverse as biology, design, engineering, fine arts, architecture and finance, and from several countries across Europe, the Middle East and the Americas, we share a common curiosity for broad spectrums of activity and an ability to work across borders, disciplines and mediums. Be it breeding fruit flies and rats, drawing or sewing, making films or dancing, the group focuses on developing innovative forms of creative expression and communication.
The title of the exhibtion 'Excercise in Transformation' is an homage to some of our teachers/mentors. We stole it from Julien Maire's workshop, but with a spelling mistake, an extra c. C for copyleft? C for creativity? C for communication, cooperation and collaboration? [...]

visual identity
Petar Kufner
Vida Mehri

Amanda Andersen
Spela Petric